5 inspiring TED talks that’ll brighten up your day

Ron Finely with Tamer

The next time you feel like being inspired, consider these 5 TED talks listed below. They’re short, they’re thoughtful and they’ll give you something interesting to talk about.

1) A guerilla gardener in South Central LA by Ron Finley.  Everyone deserves access to healthy food — and Ron Finley is on a mission to educate us on the effects of social inequality and access to healthy food.  If you’re into food (which we all are) and gardens, then you’ll definitely get inspiration from this talk.  I had the privilege of interviewing Ron Finely (with my team and in the picture above) for our documentary The Great Disconnect. (Check out the trailer by clicking here.)

2) The transformative power of classical music by Benjamin Zander.  Having this as one of my favorites may surprise you, but it’s an inspiring talk that’s not just about classical music but about “our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections” (as written in TED’s description).

3) How to make stress your friend by Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal.  The title of this TED talk flips the “all stress is bad for you script” on its head. This is a must watch because we all have stress to deal with, but the the question is: can we make it our friend?

4) How to live until 100 by Dan Buettner. If you want to live a long and happy life, Dan Buettner unveils the overarching themes of the longest living societies. This is a must watch. If you want to go deeper, get his book Blue Zones to learn more.

5) A foie gras parable By Chef Dan Barber. Most foie gras you eat is likely delicious but unfortunately from unsustainable force fed ducks which is why Dan Barber, Chef and owner of Blue Hill in Greenwich Village, New York wouldn’t serve it until he found a sustainable one. He’s a brilliant storyteller and this talk will give you hope that there’s a sustainable way to eat everything and anything. This talk may make you hungry so make sure you’ve got some sustainably grown food next to you.