Before deciding WHAT to eat think about WHO you’ll eat it with…

Wouldn’t you agree that there’s something wonderful about eating with people you like and care about?

As we learned in our research for our film The Great Disconnect, it can be tricky to fit in a meal with others in our hurried, over-scheduled lives. But I’m hoping to convince you to make sharing meals with others a priority because ….

  • Families who eat together have a more nutritious and balanced diet 
  • Due to real-life conversation, social skills and vocabulary are developed in children and teens, leading to better grades in school (even more so than homework!)
  • Eating with people you don’t know well can often encourage deeper friendships and make you a more open and accepting person

And for some bonus points, host people for some home-cooked food, not take-out or delivery (no skipping the dishes!). Research shows that making a meal from scratch with a little TLC can give an overall boost to the (already great) shared experience.

P.S We took this photo at an event in Ron Finley’s garden. Ron Finely is an activist in South LA who’s on a mission to turn a LA food desert into a food forest. Learn more about his work by clicking here