“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

Maya Angelou

What’s been your silver lining this year? 

With all the doomsday news, you have to look a little harder for the good stuff. So with a little over a week left in 2020, I thought I’d share 5 “good news” stories from around the world to help usher in a new year with some positive vibes. 

1. The Official “Lockdown” Anthem: Jerusalema 
The song lifted global spirits darkened by the pandemic and inspired the global “Jerusalema dance challenge,” which saw people across the world sharing clips of their dance moves. 
Click here to read about “The Dance Challenge that United the World.”

2. Cheers for Health Care Workers
This happened in many neighbourhoods all over the world  – cheering for the hard-working health care workers. 
Click here to see four videos from cities across Canada
3. The pandemic is no excuse to miss your piano lesson!
“My students learn to be persistent in what they are doing. I try to teach them not only how to learn, but how to work,” says 92-Year-Old Piano Teacher (and Holocaust survivor) Cornelia Vertenstein, who learned to pivot to virtual to keep her students’ lessons and recitals on track.
Click here to read the full story. 
4. The Flamingos are Flourishing
During the pandemic, there has been less commuting, less flying and less activity in general – so much so that many felt that nature was in a state of regeneration. One sign that this could be true is the increased amount of flamingos that flocked to a Mumbai lake. 
Click here to learn more and see the colourful flock.

5. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow
After a downpour of rain and blustery winds, New York City residents were treated to a double rainbow that arched over the city skyline. And because it happened around 7pm, many people who were out cheering for health care workers were able to see it and capture it beautifully in photos. 
Click here to see the pictures.