The surprising reasons as to why farmers matter now more than ever

Tamer with farmers

Giving a keynote talk and screening The Great Disconnect at the National Farmers UnionOntario AGM was both an honor and a privilege.  The National Farmers Union is a non-for-profit organization that most organic, biodynamic and sustainably minded farmers are registered under.  Their focus is largely to make sure that the future of our farming in Canada is done sustainably so that your kids and grand kids always have food to eat that’s grown in healthy, nutritous soils. 

It was great timing because we’re living in a time in which community wellbeing is at an all-time low and the need to grow food sustainably is at an all-time highand I believe that these two messages and movements are not mutually exclusive. Strong communities and supporting your local farmers go hand-in-hand. 

Although there’s lots of ways to create meaningful community in our lives, I do think that there’s an opportunity here for all of us to support local sustainably minded farmers. They not only give us food that’s delicious and nutritious but they also steward the land in a way that fights climate change – so that we will always have clean air, clean water and fertile soils to be proud of.  

If you’re interested in having me speak at your conference and screening the documentary, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

P.S. During the conference I was fed by amazing people at Not So Hollow Farm (Thanks Ian and Vicki).  I was also introduced to probably the most successful Farm to School lunch (Thanks Jennifer Payne) programs in the country. It’s run by the Headwaters Food & Farming Alliance programs that in my opinion should be modeled in all schools across Canada :). Click the above link to learn more.