12 days of neighbouring

backyard party

Back in the spring, John Helliwell, a happiness economist and editor of the World Happiness Report, sent me an Op-ed that he’d recently written on how, like previous crises, the pandemic was propelling people to connect and band together. He writes: “People are reaching out to friends, family and beyond to make contact, provide assurance, offer help, and … Read more

Do you want a good life❓Or do you want a GREAT LIFE❓

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“When we understand the connection between how we live and how long we live, it’s easier to make different choices. Instead of viewing the time we spend with friends and family as luxuries, we can see that these relationships are among the most powerful determinants of our well-being and survival.” – Dean Ornish  At the … Read more

Feeling down? Try Vitamin G

Trees next to a lake

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson I’ve often preached about the importance of Vitamin D but I’m now becoming just as big of a proponent of Vitamin G … G standing for “green” of course.  I’ve been reading a book titled Lost Connections: Uncovering the real cause of depression – and the unexpected … Read more