Classic rookie gardening mistake 🍅 = Way too many tomatoes…

Tamer with shovel

Heathy foodies, have you ever grown some of your own food? When the beginning of spring rolled around, our beekeeping friends Matt and Marianne, owners of Gees Bees Honey Company, generously offered my wife Sarah and I a plot on their land to start a veggie garden.  By all accounts, it was an offer too good to refuse. It was an opportunity for us to get outside in nature, tend … Read more

Farmer’s Market or Big Organic? 5 things to consider when choosing where to buy your produce

Many of us know that supporting our local farmers market is a good thing – but many of us health-conscious people worry about whether the local produce is organic or not. This fear often leads us straight to the grocery store to purchase something from a “big organic” company. But is that really better? In … Read more