NEW Video! One strategy to make you more neighbourly

video screen shot

But you’ll have to get your hands dirty šŸ€ 

For the last few sunny and warm weeks, every time I walked out of my condo building and passed the garden beds, all I ever saw were weeds – big ugly weeds!

The garden beds had so much potential, but no one was tending to them and it was starting to eat away at me. 

So I decided to take the lead and plant some things myself (after a few bureaucratic conversations with the condo board, of course). 

Being a community wellness consultant, I’m very familiar with the importance of community gardens, and I’ve been inspired by the many storiesĀ on the positiveĀ effects that gardens have on people (for more on this topic clickĀ here).

Curious to see how it all turned out? Watch the video here to see all the amazing things that happened while weeding and planting. Perhaps it will inspire you to find a small patch of land to grow something on, too!

As Ron Finely (more on him below) says,

“Beautify your surroundings and it will beautify you. And it’ll beautify everything and the people around you.”=

P.S. Ron Finely has been a huge inspiration to me and how I approach community. I interviewed him for our documentary The Great Disconnect.  You should watch his amazing TED talk here.