Bright Spot

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Film Credits

Directors: Tamer Soliman & Rob Tyler

Producers: Tamer Soliman & Rob Tyler

Executive Producers: Jermey Walton & Stephen Price

Written by: Tamer Soliman, Sarah Douglas, Katherine Salter

Story Consultant: George Halvorson

Cinematography: Rob Tyler

Narrated by: Tamer Soliman

Production Coordinator: Sarah Douglas

When Tamer worked as a Holistic Nutritionist in the Cayman Islands, he came across a shocking truth – this Caribbean country, with coconut palms lining the shores, had mostly abandoned cooking with coconut oil and instead had turned to the modern conveniences of vegetable oil. Why was this shocking? Because despite coconut oil being in harmony with traditional dishes and the culture of the island, coconuts were being sent to the local dump and vegetable oils were lining the shelves of Cayman Islands grocery stores and kitchen cupboards.

Through the making of this film, Tamer came to understand that convenience, westernization and ‘fake news’, played a part in the diminished use of this local food. With modern research claiming that coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and warning people of the harms of highly-processed vegetable oils, Tamer felt there was no better time to educate and inspire people to re-embrace coconut oil.

As much as this documentary is about getting people to change their oil so that they can change their health, its also about, as health expert Sally Fallon states in the film, “Trusting our ancestors” and re-discovering foods that are whole, familiar and nutritious.

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The Making of Bright Spot

"An enlightening, important and inspiring film that everyone should see. It will change lives for the better."
- Joanna Boxall
Editor, Good Taste Magazine