Condo Garden Project

Condo Garden Project

A 5-episode series about a community-building initiative that I led in my condo building during the summer of 2020.

Working in the field of community wellbeing, I’m very familiar with the importance of community gardens, and I’ve been inspired by the many stories on the positive effects that gardens have on people. Especially edible ones. Curious to see how it all turned out?  Watch the video to see all the amazing things that happened while weeding and planting – perhaps it will inspire you to find a small patch of land to grow something on, too!

One last thing to mention: My wife Sarah and I no longer live in the condo building where we started The Condo Garden project. In truth, we knew we were moving about 2 months prior to starting the garden project. So why still plant stuff?

Well, a few years back, a local beekeeper by the name of Otto Watler told me: “It’s always good to leave a place better than how you found it.”  Starting a community garden for everyone to enjoy was our way of giving back to the building and the people we met there. We also wanted to enhance the sense of community and bring a little life, and beauty, to the entranceway :). We’re still friends with a few of our neighbours in that building, and we head back from time to time to weed and harvest.

What to do now that the season is over? Plan for next year! Start a garden journal and begin to do some research. Don’t make it complicated. As Ron Finely famously says: “Plant some sh*t.” His TED talk is inspiring –… My hope is that this inspires you to invest your community and get to know your neighbours. The joy you’ll feel is priceless.