Host a Screening

people in a movie theatre
"Municipalities, NGOs, Neighbourhood Leadership - all stand to advance the neighbouring movement through the showing of this compelling work."
-Howard Lawerence
Abundant Communities Edmonton

Be one of many organizations who have screened our impactful films to support positive community change. 

A screening at your next event, conference, summit or AGM can serve as a launch pad in stimulating conversations on timely topics.

From providing a film discussion guide to helping you market your event, we have resources to ensure your event is successful and impactful.

Filmmakers Tamer & Sarah can also participate in your event, either through speaker panels or featured talks.  

To book your screening,  reach out to us at 

"I would strongly recommend that this format - a film following a panel discussion with the filmmakers - is a way of making the film a trigger for action. In Edmonton, the panel itself brought together people who are now finding new ways to work together to create a more compassionate, connected and safer city."
-Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD
Collaborative Media Group Inc.

Host a Screening Faqs

Any organization can host a screening by purchasing a licence. We have different rates for for-profit and non-profit organizations. 

Licensing costs vary depending on your organization, number of licences purchased and type of event. 

Yes! After completing the Screening Registration Form, we will provide you with a Host a Screening Tool Kit. We will also work with you to help you organize and promote your event. 

We can provide you with a Host a Screening Tool Kit as well as a Film Discussion Guide

The filmmakers are also available to participate in your event (e.g. Q&As,  panel discussions and keynote talks). 

Yes! Tamer and Sarah regularly participate in screening events. Contact us for more information. 

"The City of Victoria had the pleasure of screening The Great Disconnect and hosting Tamer and Sarah for a Q&A session. They are both extremely personable and passionate about this work, and a pleasure to work with. If you get the chance to engage with them, do it! You will get re-energized and filled with great ideas on how to connect with your neighbours."
-Kimberly Stratford
City of Victoria, BC