Meet Tamer & Sarah

Sarah and Tamer photo

Tamer Soliman (director, producer, writer) and Sarah Douglas (writer, story editor) have collaborated on award-winning documentaries. Their films explore meaningful and timely health topics, and have reached and inspired local as well as international audiences. 

It was Tamer and Sarah’s desire to see large-scale positive change in individuals and communities across the globe that led to their interest in filmmaking. Among their proudest achievements is writing and producing Bright Spot, a film that has contributed to the revival of the local food movement in the Cayman Islands. Their latest award-winning film, The Great Disconnect, invites people to explore the relationship between their sense of community and their overall sense of wellbeing. This film has been screened across Canada through multiple municipalities and non-profit organizations and has been shown in over ten countries across Europe. Two reputable distribution companies – Scorpion TV and McIntyre Media – have acquired the rights to the film and are actively distributing it in multiple markets.

About March Forth Creative Inc. 

As a testament to their continued passion for their work, in 2021, Tamer and Sarah launched March Forth Creative. Their company aims to create thought-provoking films and educational resources that inspire positive change. Through private screenings, speaking engagements and sharing resources, Tamer and Sarah work with organizations to continue to spread the important messages of their films. They also actively consult on socially-conscious film projects and are currently engaged in the pre-production stage of their next film (learn more by clicking here).

In keeping with their values on community wellbeing, Tamer and Sarah support community organizations that are working to make the world a better place. Click here to learn about these organizations and how you can get involved as well.