Tamer and Sarah are experienced speakers and offer the services below. Reach out directly at
info@marchforthcreative.com to learn more. 

“I would strongly recommend that this format – a film following a panel discussion with the filmmakers – is a way of making the film a trigger for action. In Edmonton, the panel itself brought together people who are now finding new ways to work together to create a more compassionate, connected and safer city.”
-Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD
CEO, Collaborative Media Group Inc.

Panel Discussions

Tamer and Sarah often participate in facilitated panel discussions as part of film screenings. As writers of the film, they provide a unique perspective and share facts, stories and “behind the scenes” experiences. Tamer and Sarah enjoy interacting with viewers and answering audience questions. 

A film screening followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers is an effective way to inspire action, change and improvement in your community. 

Keynote Talks

Tamer Soliman frequently shares his unique perspective on health, wellbeing and positive community change with both private companies and public institutions, presenting at conferences, schools, and wellness centres. 

Tamer works with organizers to customize talks geared towards the goals of the event. He also has two keynote talks linked to his films: Building Community in the 21st Century and The Transformative Power of Bright Spots.

“Tamer & Sarah are a delight to work with and the audiences have always been highly engaged after screenings with them. They are well informed both as filmmakers and as social connection advocates. They bring their experience of making the film to the table which all our audiences have found interesting, as well as, information they have learnt since completing the film. A screening of their film is only enhanced by having them speak afterwards.”
– Mitzie Murray,
Executive Director, Third Action Film Festival