"I have had the pleasure of working with Tamer and Sarah on two film projects and have always found them to be creative, honest, open minded, very talented and incredibly hard working. Tamer's research skills are thorough and he approaches his work with great insight and sensitivity. Sarah is an accomplished writer and always finds clarity in the most complex stories. They are a powerful team of filmmakers."
-Candy Whicker
Little Films Productions
Tamer and Sarah
Tamer filming cows
"From the grand vision to the smallest critical details, March Forth Creative will help you get the best content for your production.  Whether interviewing professionals, students or youth, their friendly & spontaneous curiosity coaxes great answers which enhance the authenticity of your video.  Their photography delivers great quality images and their clever editing knits a narrative that is trustworthy and flowing.  March Forth Creative is the ally you need for your next production.
-Marshall Buchanan
President, Ottawa Valley Food Cooperative
"Tamer has such a creative flair for putting together digital stories and promotional videos. He can take hours of footage and create a story that inspires and motivates people to want to deepen their community."
-Heather Keam
Assoiciate Director, Deepening Community, Tamarack Institute
"Tamer and Sarah are a delight to work with and the audiences have always been highly engaged after screenings with them. They are well informed both as filmmakers and as social connection advocates. They bring their experience of making the film to the table which all our audiences have found interesting, as well as, information they have learnt since completing the film. A screening of their film is only enhanced by having them speak afterwards."
-Mitzie Murray
Executive Director, Third Action Film Festival
Sarah and Tamer on computer screen
“The City of Victoria had the pleasure of screening The Great Disconnect and hosting Tamer and Sarah for a Q&A session. They are both extremely personable and passionate about this work, and a pleasure to work with. If you get the chance to engage with them, do it! You will get re-energized and filled with great ideas on how to connect with your neighbours.”
-Kimberley Stratford
Neighbourhood Coordinator, City of Victoria
"Tamer and Sarah, the film-makers, were excellent panel members. They shared their experience of creating the film and some of the consequences of its showing around the world. Focused and clear, their observations acted as a stimulus and trigger for the other panelists. They did not seek to dominate the conversation or shape it, but acted as collaborative and engaged colleagues seeking to make sense of where the film takes us in terms of potential social action."
-Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD
CEO, Collaborative Media Group Inc.
"Tamer and Sarah’s support, enthusiasm, experience, and passion around this work has led to the success of our own community event. We thank them both for their gift to the world, and for helping us commence the work on re-connection."
-Danielle Fermin, BSW, MSW, RSW
Manager, Community Support Services, City of Chestermere
Tamer and Sarah at film event