The Great Disconnect

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Film Credits

Written by: Tamer Soliman, Sarah Douglas, Katherine Salter

Directors: Tamer Soliman & Rob Tyler

Story Editor: Sarah Douglas

Producers: Tamer Soliman, Jeremy Walton, Rob Tyler

Executive Producers: Jeremy Walton, Neville Hicks, Oliver Lindsay

Associate Producer: Candy Whicker

Consulting Writer: Jay Mustafa

Story Consultant: George Halvorson

Cinematography: Rob Tyler, Josh Rainhard, Jim Morrison

Narrated by: Tamer Soliman

Production Coordinator: Candy Whicker

Before making this film, Tamer had been aware of the concept of community wellbeing, but never really thought too much about it, and definitely didn’t think it was a key factor in achieving optimal health. As as result, in his decade’s work as a wellness professional, he advised my clients that health was mainly defined by two things: what we ate and how much we exercised.

But all of that changed after a trip to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Tamer stayed a few nights in a small mountain camp, outfitted with just the basics for simple village life. The purpose of the trip was to learn from the local population about food, nutrition and sustainable living, but what really overwhelmed him was the profound sense of community. Despite lacking material possessions that most of us place such high value on, the people of this village seemed happy, healthy and really connected to one another. This made Tamer wonder — How do people in North America feel about their sense of community and connectedness? And what, if any, effect does this have on our overall wellbeing?

These questions inspired Tamer to direct and produce The Great Disconnect. As he met with experts in economic, social and urban planning, Tamer discovered how multifaceted this idea of community wellbeing is, and how crucial it is to our existence. There are great benefits to being able to come together, but there are also ill effects that stem from community breakdown. Unfortunately, these effects — such as loneliness and social isolation — are being labeled as epidemics, epidemics that may become one of society’s biggest challenges of the 21st century.

Making this film has changed Tamer’s definition of what it really means to be healthy – physically, emotionally, and socially. His hope is that by watching this film people will reflect on the idea that to be well, we need to find ways to come together. The health of society as a whole depends on it.

"Very timely and thoughtful film. It was so well-received by our audience that we screened an encore presentation. High marks all around."
- Jennifer E.

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"(This film) is heart-felt and inspiring. I hope to bring its messages into positive changes in my own life. In fact, I started today..I already feel a stronger sense of community and belonging"
- Shawn M.
"This film describes one of the most pressing issues of our time - loneliness and the erosion of social fabric...It inspired me to throw a block party in my neighbourhood!"
- Natasha P.

The Making of the Great Disconnect

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