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The Great Disconnect movie poster

The Great Disconnect is a documentary that uncovers why, in a world seemingly more connected than ever before, people are feeling more and more socially isolated – and the true cost this has on our lives.

"The Great Disconnect is heart-felt and inspiring. I hope to bring its messages into positive changes in my own life. In fact, I started today."
-Shawn M.

Bright Spot invites the viewer, through interviews with nutritional experts, local farmers and historical and political consultants, to discover how convenience, westernization and ‘fake news’ play a part in the diminished use of traditional foods – and the negative impacts this has on our health, culture  and the environment.

Bright Spot Movie poster
"An enlightening, important and inspiring film that everyone should see. It will change lives for the better."
-Joanna Boxall
Editor, Good Taste Magazine
“The City of Victoria had the pleasure of screening The Great Disconnect and hosting Tamer and Sarah for a Q&A session. They are both extremely personable and passionate about this work, and a pleasure to work with. If you get the chance to engage with them, do it! You will get re-energized and filled with great ideas on how to connect with your neighbours.”
-Kimberley Stratford
Neighbourhood Liaison, City of Victoria

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"I would strongly recommend that this format - a film following a panel discussion with the filmmakers - is a way of making the film a trigger for action. In Edmonton, the panel itself brought together people who are now finding new ways to work together to create a more compassionate, connected and safer city."
-Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD
CEO, Collaborative Media Group Inc.


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